In a time long forgotten...

...a courageous fleet of ships set sail upon the vast oceans of the unknown. Together, they embarked on a heroic journey to discover new lands and transformed themselves in the process.

In that spirit, The Armada was created.

You are not a drop in the ocean
you are the entire ocean in a drop.


Miami / Global

A New Kind of Social Club

A private membership for heart-centered leaders to connect, grow and create the beautiful world of tomorrow.

Continue your journey alongside a curated group of magnetic leaders, visionaries and change makers – across all fields from art and music to entrepreneurship and wellness through weekly gatherings and experiences.

Select Masters, Teachers and Members

Jim Kwik

Dave Asprey

Emily Fletcher

Aloe Blacc

Gabby Reece & Laird Hamilton

Peter Crone

Blu of Earth

Aubrey & Vylana Marcus

Rick Doblin

Ximena Caminos

Andrew Sealy


Sahara Rose

Nicholas Petriccia

David Blocks


Tony Cho

Alexandra Boyce

JP Capello and Christina Getty

Roland Peralta